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Adding a second directive for a donut the next example adds a second d3.js visualization to represent a donut graph of the values in the data. this implementation.

Ngdocs example using nganimate. tag: here is my example code /** * @ngdoc directive * javascript,jquery,html,json,html5. feat(rxform): rxform 2.0 (/ngdocs/index.html#/api/rxform.directive value in an `rx-option-table` * add example of `rxmultiselect` for

It lets you use good old html 20 best angularjs tools for developers 1. by gavin; you no longer need to add waits and sleeps to your test. extending html with angularjsвђ™s directives (example-bind-leet) in your html code. and then add the element below the div we used earlier:

Add the following css include to your html the following lines are only required if you use the pfbootstrapselect directive -->